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Mobile spy for nokia Lumia helicopter micro spy cam edition.
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This Software helps you to catch your cheating spouse. You just need to make a secret a call to the target phone. This call will be automatically picked up by our software allowing you to monitor and listen to the surrounding environment of the suspect phone. You will able to hear the surrounding sounds very easily.

Easily track and locate the suspect location. Secretly listen incoming and outgoing calls.

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You will receive notification when SIM card is changer. The suspect cell phone makes a secret video call straight to your master mobile - so you can see what is going around. We are the best exporters, manufacturer, and whole sellers in Delhi India. We give you best quality Software that are helps you to save yourself before ditching your cheating spouse.

mSpy Can Do It All

Duration of phone call. A copy of all sent and received text messages SMS will be forwarded to your master mobile phone or you will be able to view them on-line in the user web-panel. Thanks to this feature you will always now with who,when and exactly about what the target phone user is texting.

Secretly listen to any incoming and outgoing phone conversation. You will know with who and about what the target phone user is talking. You can send a text message SMS from your master phone to the target phone a made up sender ID your real telephone number will not be displayed. You can make up any name or number as the sender of the text message. This feature only works on Symbian phones. Sim card notification.

Video option. Key logger is a stealthy monitoring spy software which allows you to secretly track all activities of computer users in total stealth mode, and automatically deliver logs to you via Email or FTP, including all areas of the system such as email sent, Web sites visited, file operations, every keystroke, username and password, online chat conversation ICQ, MSN, AIM , and take screen snapshot at set intervals just like a surveillance camera directly point at the computer monitor.

Features include start and stop scheduling, logs remote delivery, stealth mode, user account filter, password protection, suspend on idle, powerful key logger, HTML report, logs sorting and searching. With this amazing monitoring software you will be able to see exactly what people have been doing online and offline just like you are looking at the computer monitor over their shoulders. Start and stop scheduling. Logs remote delivery. Stealth mode.

User filter. Password protection. Suspend on idle. HTML report. Logs sorting and searching, etc. Supporting all Os Operating Systems. This software allow you to call anywhere without fear because your number is now hide and no one can track your number at any cost. We are the leading suppliers of all Spy software. We give you first opportunity to buy our product at the cheapest rate in Delhi India.

We are the prominent dealers of all spy equipments in the market. We are the leading whole sellers in Delhi India.

Lumia Spy Software Features:

It will not be able to track the service provider of the cell phone. It will appear as Private Number and will frequently change after that so that no one recognizes it. You can play frank with your friends by using this Software. It also works on regular Nokia phones having Symbian operating system. Catch your spouse is cheating on you or not clears your doubt and safe yourself before being ditched. Install the new intelligent spy software on any compatible GSM handset for the complete solution to mobile phone security.

Catch your cheating Spouse with this cheating software in Delhi India. We are the leading suppliers of Spy Software in Delhi India.

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Spy phone - Listen in to surrounding sounds and conversations. Text Interception - Receive duplicate copies of all sent and received text messages. Text Alert - Receive 'Real Time notifications of all calls made and received including the number.

How to Record Phone Calls on Microsoft Lumia 950, 950 XL, 650, 550 or ANY Windows 10 Phone

Receive both incoming and outgoing text messages. Dial in and listen to surrounding vicinity. Immediate text notifications when the target phone receives an incoming call. Covers all GSM coverage. Change pre-defined number on SMS command. Change stealth mode on SMS command. Bullet proof reliability.

Future proof technology. Remote activation and de-activation of Spy phone feature on SMS command. Remote activation and de-activation of text notifications on SMS command. Remote SMS command to reboot target phone.

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Remote SMS command to completely uninstall spy software. No logging of forwarded texts, No logging of pre-defined number. Completely hidden software. Also compatible with Samsung: i, i, i, i, i, L Nokia PC Suite makes software installation easier on nokia's. Samsung and LG just need a Bluetooth dongle to send the software to the phone. I agree to the terms and privacy policy. Send Email. Spy Cameras. Stun Gun. GPS Tracker. Mobile Jammer.

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Mobile Watch. Mobile Signal Booster. Borehole Camera. Spy Mobile Phone Software. And a couple of dollars saved, thanks!